About Me

Bethanie Hestermann is the freelance writer behind WordZoo Creative. I am an adaptable storyteller who specializes in taking complicated subjects and packaging them into something fun and interesting to read. I write short-form and long-form articles for outlets like Connected World magazine (the source of information for enterprise IoT technologies) and East M magazine (a lifestyle publication), as well as blogs for clients like Daisy Made (an online community of makers and creatives). I write for web design firms, offering SEO-optimized website copy and other deliverables for their clients as needed. I have published articles in magazines like Honest History and Pacific Currents, among others. I also co-write animal-science books for kids, including Zoology for Kids (Chicago Review Press, 2015), Marine Science for Kids (Chicago Review Press, 2017), Search the Ocean, Find the Animals (Rockridge Press, 2020), Search the Zoo, Find the Animals (Rockridge Press, 2020), and Ocean Animals for Kids (Rockridge Press, 2021).